Beauty & Personal Care in Ethiopia

Find a beauty salon in Ethiopia. Choose for our approved list of beauty salons, spas, barber shops, massage centres and persaonal care experts. Ethiolinks has some of the best rated personal care providers in Ethiopia.

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Gresh Nail

Gresh Nail, Eyelash, Makeup and Hair Salon. We Provide a Wide Range of Beauty Salon Services.

+251 90 186 8686

Hair Salons

Feven Hair Salon

Feven Hair Salon and Dreadlock is a beauty salon specializing in dreadlocks and bridal makeup. Call us to book an appointment Monday to Sunday from 9am until 6pm.

+251 91 163 5744

Oasis Salon and Spa

Oasis Salon and Spa is a top rated sallon with Great Professionals Specializing in Hair Care, Barbershop, Nail & Skin care, Massages ,Body Scrubs and Eyelash Extensions.

+251 92 378 5643

Ladies plus

Ladies plus is a beauty salon specializing in Laser hair removal, Tanning, Manicure, Hairstyling, Pedicure, Body Waxing, Microblading, Dreadlocks, Hair extensions, Braids, Eyebrow threading and more

+251 91 113 7579


Mo Men's Salon

Mo Men's Salon is a barber shop located at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Mo Men's Salon primary category is Hairdressers.

+251 11 867 3710

2G Barber Shop

2G Barber Shop - Men Hair Saloon offers Eyebrow tint, Buzz cut, Scissor cut, Shave, Waxing, Beard conditioner, Straight razor shave, Shape up, Hair coloring and more.

+251 91 201 1436

The Passion Men's Salon & spa

The Passion Men's Salon & spa is a barber shop and spa centrwe. Visit us to meet up with a group of skillful hair stylist, massage (physiotherapist)

+251 91 160 8939