Charities & NGOs in Ethiopia

There are hundreds of local charities and NGOs in Ethiopia. Choose a charity from our list and support their cause with your money or time. Discover the amazing work these organisations do and contribute towards helping a good cause.

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Charity Organizations

Ethiopian Red Cross Society

The Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) is a humanitarian organization providing services to communities affected by natural and manmade disasters.

251 115 15 90 74

Muday Charity Association

Muday Charity Association is a non-profit organization helping vulnerable women and children by providing shelter, food, clothes, healthcare and education.

251 91 171 8205


Abebech Gobena Yehetsanat Kebekabena Limat Mahiber fulfills the needs of vulnerable and orphaned children to equip them with skills, knowledge and assertiveness in the society. So, to bring about substantial change in their lives, donate today. We need your help to help others.

+251 118 694 629

Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia

Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia is a registered charitable organisation in Ethiopia dedicated to the treatment and prevention of childbirth injuries called obstetric fistulas.

+251 (0) 113 716544